KY unemployment office holding in-person services in Owensboro

Staff hosting in-person assistance services at Owensboro Community and Technical College

KY unemployment office holding in-person services in Owensboro

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - Thousands of Kentuckians are still waiting on unemployment assistance. Officials from the Kentucky Labor Cabinet are in Owensboro offering in-person help.

“Here I am, I gotta feed my family,” said Daviess County resident, Norman Wright.

According to information released by the Department of Labor, the majority of Kentuckians who filed for unemployment during the pandemic have received payment. However, there are thousands of people whose claims are unresolved.

“Online we kept on requesting payments, it was just a dead end. Every time you would call it would be an automated robot that you would get, it wouldn’t be a person,” said Hickory, Ky resident, Eric Neuhoff.

Until March 18, Neuhoff worked at the Dippin’ Dots factory in Paducah.

“I was on my way to work and March 18 I got called through the Y’s temp agency and they said that due to COVID-19, we can’t have you back at work,” said Neuhoff.

Neuhoff says he immediately filed for unemployment but had no luck.

“It was like waking up in a bad dream every time because basically you don’t have any money,” said Neuhoff. “So I was forced to actually move into my sister’s house.”

No luck, until today. He traveled two hours from Hickory, Kentucky to receive in-person unemployment assistance.

“We got in today and within two minutes they helped me out, and they said your gonna get your unemployment money,” said Neuhoff.

Neuhoff says he’s expecting a check by Thursday. He says they’ll be “back paying” for all the time he should have been receiving benefits.

“Today is like a blessing in disguise, really,” said Neuhoff.

And appointment or not, others like Norman Wright are hoping for the same.

“You would think our government would help out hiring people for assistance instead of having people stand out in the sun,” said Wright

Wright says until he can get help, he'll be standing in line.

Officials with the Kentucky Cabinet of Labor will be offering help at OCTC again Tuesday. Limited spots are available.

To sign up, you can visit the Kentucky Career Center website.

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