Highest heat index since last summer on Monday

Highest heat index since last summer on Monday

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) -The heat was no joke on Monday. It marked the highest heat index that we’ve had since last summer.

Some people were out working in the heat and even out just for pleasure.

“Well the main thing is you have to stay hydrated. Just working at a steady pace and don’t overdo it cause you can get heat exhaustion real easy in today’s weather,” George Altheide, carpenter for Tomahawk Services said.

Some temperatures across the Tri-State reached up to 90 degrees. And with the sun mostly out all day, making it feel like 100 degrees.

“Everyone should know their limitations and the main thing is to stay hydrated and if you start feeling like you’re getting real cold, it’s time to stop and get medical attention,” Altheide said.

For some people having to work outside like Altheide and his partner, they say they’re used to the heat, regardless of the weather, the job needs to get done.

And others had a different mentality, using the day to play and soak up the sun.

But while some kids enjoyed East End’s Splash park’s reopening, for others, like Phoebe Mayes, it’s business as usual.

“I almost dunked my head in the cooler over there,” Mayes said.

Phoebe says she spends her days outside working her lemonade stand to raise money for camp, regardless of how hot it gets.

“To make money so I can go to my church’s camp. Raises money for Canada that way they have water,” Mayes said.

Phoebe says she worked her lemonade stand all day with no complaints and will be back until she reaches her goal.

“Me and my family were raised, you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit. It’s cool. I like it,” Mayes said.

The good news is, Phoebe says she doesn’t have that much more lemonade to sell until she reaches her goal for church camp.

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