EVSC parents react to reopening plans

EVSC parents react to reopening plans

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - We are now 38 days from the reopening of EVSC schools. Many families still have questions and concerns.

After EVSC officials announced plans to reopen schools in August, there were mixed reactions from parents.

As 14 News first reported on June 23, the first option is traditional learning, allowing doors to open August 5 with safety precautions in place.

“If they can think of a logical way to maintain the safety of the children and the teachers,” says Meghan Toral, an EVSC mother, “We will be sending the kids to school because they want to see their friends as well. If we can make that happen, I’d rather go along with that than possibly home-school.”

“The only concern is the kids themselves,” says Christina McKenna, an EVSC mother. “They don’t realize how important it is to superwash your hands and keep your mask on and things like that. So that’s the concern.”

“I’m not so much worried about that,” says Jennifer Marshall, an EVSC mother of six. “Because my kids know about the distancing, and we’ve always talked about our personal space.”

Remote learning and an online virtual academy are the other two options for students.

“Well the virtual academy, I guess, would be good, but you have a household like mine that has so many different levels,” says Marshall. “I can’t do schooling at one time with them. I don’t have six computers to go around.”

Some parents say August 5 is too soon to be back in the classroom.

“I would probably be happier if they waited a little bit longer,” says Toral.

Others say the months-long pandemic has given plenty of time to prepare.

“Yeah, I really hope they get to go back, just for their own sanity,” says Marshall.

“I don’t want anyone getting hurt,” says McKenna. “Say if my kid was a carrier and they were asymptomatic, and it was my fault that someone else got it, that would totally tear me up.”

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