Polls open for Kentucky Primary

Polls open for Kentucky Primary

KENTUKY (WFIE) - Polling locations across Kentucky opened at 6 a.m. for in person voting for this year’s primary election.

About a dozen people were lined up here outside of Henderson County High School before the doors opened

As voters head to the polls they will notice some changes due to COVID-19.

In Henderson, voting is happening at Henderson County High Schools, and several safety measures are in place.

Employees are wearing face masks, and they are encouraging voters to wear them as well.

Social distancing markers are placed on the floors inside while people are waiting in line.

Election office officials say they are only allowing 50 people in at a time.

Kentucky sent out PPE to all 120 counties, which includes 5,000 face masks, 4,000 gallons of hand sanitizer, 5,800 face shields, and 20,000 gloves.

Normally, there are 45 voting precincts in Henderson, but due to COVID-19, Henderson County High School is the only location where people can vote in person.

They did ask people to make appointments to try and keep the crowds at bay, but you do not need to have an appointment to vote.

Election office officials say they have had to work extra hard to prepare for the primary election, making sure all the safety protocols are in place.

Voter, James Petrie explained, “It was very organized. I happened to not have a mask this morning and they furnished one for me.”

Voters like Steve Myers told us they felt comfortable voting in person thanks to the safety measures in place.

“Absolutely, everybody was social distancing. They had protective barriers up, sanitizing the polling places after everybody left. Absolutely safe,” said Myers.

The county saw triple the number of absentee ballots they are used to seeing which helped keep Tuesday’s in person voting numbers down.

For some, voting in person is something they felt needed to be done.

“I believe it’s my civic duty. I’m not at risk. So I didn’t feel like I should bog the system up by trying to do a mail in vote. I understand that and I appreciate that. I have parents that are a little older and they need to be more protected,” said Chris Denton, a Henderson County voter.

About 20 workers are helping at the polls in Henderson, and we’re told they were chosen from a low-risk demographic.

Also voters will be leaving with the pens they voted with, and voting booths will be sanitized after each person votes.

In Daviess County, the polling location is the Owensboro Sports Center.

Tri-State Voting Centers
Tri-State Voting Centers (Source: WFIE)

Voters sending in mail in ballots must have them post marked by today. Polls for in person voting close at 6 p.m.

We don’t expect race results until after June 27.

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