Owensboro police are still investigating fatal stabbing

Owensboro police are still investigating fatal stabbing

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - Owensboro police are trying to figure out the circumstances around a fatal stabbing.

Owensboro Police say they were called Monday evening to the 500 block of Monterrey Drive where they found a man with several injuries, including a stab wound.

Police say the man, 45-year-old James M. Basham was taken to the hospital where he later died from his injuries.

For just a few hours, 14 News watched investigators go into one of the houses on the 500 block. We watched them take what appeared to be a spear out of the house.

Police aren’t saying if the house they were in- or if that spear has anything to do with the investigation. But police say they were called out here for a traumatic injury.

One neighbor we spoke with says she was outside as police were on the scene last night.

“Three or four police cars. There was a lot of firemen going back and forth, I guess assisting with injuries,” said Celsey Hardesty. “And then a few minutes later, the ambulance showed up, and then they put the guy on the stretcher, and they worked on him a little bit before they left...” “There’s young kids, my kids play out here. There are young kids that play outside all of the time. So, just to know that something like that could even be possible just right over there is very unsettling.”

The Daviess County Coroner says an autopsy was done this morning but there are no details yet on that. Police say there are no arrests yet, but they have identified people they believe to be involved.

The investigation is ongoing.

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