Newburgh restaurant owner has concerns about reopening due to COVID-19

Newburgh restaurant owner has concerns about reopening due to COVID-19

NEWBURGH, Ind. (WFIE) - A Newburgh restaurant is expressing their concerns for small business owners after learning an employee of a local establishment tested positive for COVID-19.

They say one of their biggest fears is this happening to them.

”It’s scary because of course, we don’t want to get sick. It’s scary because we don’t want to get anybody else sick,” said Chya Colbert, the owner of The Wine Down in Newburgh. “It’s scary because you know we’re afraid of losing our business.”

It’s June, and although the spread of COVID-19 has slowed down in Indiana, the virus still exists.

”It was scary because it was a local restaurant around this area that one of the employees got sick,” said Colbert.

That’s exactly the nightmare Colbert dreads happening to one of her employees or customers.

”We actually didn’t open until two after all the other restaurants opened,” said Colbert.

Indiana is in stage four of reopening. That means restaurants can operate at 75 percent capacity.

”You can’t really control who gets COVID. It could be somebody young, it could be somebody old,” said Colbert.

A family ran business is taking the reopening process slower than others.

”Literally the people who work for us are our family,” said Colbert.

The Wine Down normally open five days a week, but now it’s only open for three. They make sure employees wear masks, added additional outdoor seating, and they’ve also bought automatic bathroom soap dispensers.

”Just because they’re well today, doesn’t mean they’re going to be well in two days,” said Colbert.

It’s the unknown of this virus, making this wine enthusiast nervous.

”The only way you could be 100 percent sure is if you tested somebody every day, and I just don’t know how that’s possible,” said Colbert.

Colbert says she fears many restaurants will struggle financially because of the pandemic. She says they did get loans, and they’re hoping they can make it through and keep their doors open.

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