EVSC looks at different reopening options for upcoming school year

EVSC looks at different reopening options for upcoming school year

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - EVSC spokesperson Jason Woebkenberg and Superintendent Smith discuss plans to reopen EVSC schools on August 5.

Woebkenberg and Smith mention three different options for reopening schools in the fall.

They’re hoping this helps parents with planning purposes.

“If you look at last spring of course when everyone went to a virtual learning situation- we learned so much,” Woebkenberg said. “We had done bits and pieces of that for a very short term basis because of winter weather type situations, but obviously that turned into a situation for many weeks. We learned from that, we know now what we need to do now to make that an even stronger program.”

Option one is traditional learning with a few safety precautions in place.

Officials say frequent hand washing will be in place along with social distancing and deep cleaning.

According to Woebkenberg and Smith, lunch could be a grab and go option. They say there is a chance students will not use lockers.

Option two EVSC officials discussed is a remote option. Officials discussed different scenarios such as, if a family member they live with has a weakened immune system or if the student does, the remote option could be for them.

Another example they explained was if someone in the household gets diagnosed with COVID-19, the family can self-quarantine together, and the EVSC students could work remotely at home.

The last option officials came up with is a virtual academy.

Woebkenberg and Smith say the virtual academy would have its own curriculum. This would also be for the whole semester or for the whole academic year.

EVSC officials say they have been listening to parents’ input.

The administration continues to look into transportation like school busses and the use of personal protective equipment by both students and staff.

They will release their final plans on how to reopen in a few weeks.

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