Country music star Brad Paisley surprises Whitesville farming couple

Country music star Brad Paisley surprises Whitesville farming couple

WHITESVILLE, Ky. (WFIE) - A couple in Tri-State was picked to be featured on the Amazon docuseries “Regular Heroes.”

“For Amazon to point us out as essential workers and they call us regular heroes, and I don’t see ourselves as that,” Daniel Hayden, owner of Hayden Farms said. “We were just grateful that I still had a job and everything.”

Daniel and his wife Danielle run Hayden Farms, a beef and poultry farm in Daviess County. Suddenly, the Haydens were contacted by Amazon officials who said they were interested in sharing the couple’s story.

“They kind of gave us a little bit of information before they came out that they were just following essential workers during the pandemic, and they wanted to tell that story,” Danielle Hayden, photographer and owner of Hayden Farms said.

Meanwhile, both were unaware they were about to receive a surprise that could change their lives for the better.

“We stayed in our house and waited for someone to call us,” Danielle said.

Until finally, the couple got a call from Grammy award-winner and country music star Brad Paisley, informing them they would be receiving a year supply of N-95 masks to use on their farm.

“Which we use on a daily basis on our farm because of the chicken houses,” Daniel said. “It’s really dry in there, and as the birds grow and get bigger, they kick up more dust.”

The surprises kept coming, as the pair also received two belt buckles.

“One to give his dad and then Daniel’s was to pass on to our next generation,” Danielle said.

This all led to the final surprise with Amazon revealing it’s going to pay for the first round of their infertility treatments.

“We have unexplained infertility and so we’ve been looking for just that piece, and a doctor that would just help us find that piece to unlock it,” Danielle said. “And with the pandemic and with everything, we were just at such a road block of saying, ‘Well, there’s really nothing we can do right now.' Amazon gifting us that really opened so many doors for what the future of our family may look like.”

The humble couple says at the end of the day, they’re just as normal as everyone else.

“We’re not heroes, we’re just regular people,” Daniel said.

“We just do a job that we love everyday,” Danielle said.

The Hayden’s episode of “Regular Heroes” is now available to watch on Amazon Prime.

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