JC Penney permanently closing Owensboro location

JC Penney permanently closing Owensboro location

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - The JC Penney in Owensboro is shutting down.

In a list released by the retail giant, the location inside the Towne Square Mall is one of six stores in Kentucky that is set to close.

Officials for Gulf Stream, who purchased the mall in 2019, say the closure of JC Penny did not come as a surprise. A company spokesperson for the department store says they decided to close the Owensboro location following a “review of the store’s retail footprint.”

Gulf Stream Chief Operating Officer Ed Ray says they’re working hard to figure out what’s next for this space and the other vacant spots in the mall.

“We’re working tirelessly to figure out ways to drive traffic," Ray said. “At the same time, they’ve got to reach out and get their customers to come out here."

James Gillaspie is the owner of Sports Country, another store located in Town Square Mall. He says if the remaining stores are going to survive, the community needs to get out and shop.

“People think, ‘Oh! I don’t have time, I’ll just shop online.’ Well, over the time you shop online that hurts the local economy and that’s less jobs," Gillaspie said.

Gulfstream officials say with the closing of JC Penny, this provides an opportunity for a new store to go into its former space. They say that’s something they’re looking into.

The JC Penny location in Hopkinsville will also shutter.

It’s not known if the Evansville location is going to be affected.

JC Penney announced earlier this year that it was filing for bankruptcy protection amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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