Kentucky mayor reopens playgrounds depsite Gov. Beshear’s guidelines

Kentucky mayor reopens playgrounds depsite Gov. Beshear’s guidelines

MORGANFIELD, Ky (WFIE) - In Morganfield, playgrounds are officially open to the public despite the governor’s guidelines for them to remain closed.

Divisions are growing between some governors and mayors over reopening their states.

“Well people are ready to get out," Union County Mayor Randy Greenwell said. "Our rate down here has been really low.”

As part of his healthy at work guidelines, Governor Andy Beshear is suggesting that playgrounds remain closed for the time being.

“The state guidelines want you to wait,” Mayor Greenwell said.

Mayor Randy Greenwell says there’s no time for waiting.

“You know everyone kept asking when are you gonna open up the park? The kids are going nuts. We’re there!” Mayor Greenwell said.

The mayor says he decided to go against the governor’s guidelines and open the parks late last week.

“Some things have to open back up and as long as people social distances appropriately, as long as things are maintained, people follow regulations, it should be okay,” Alexya Smith said.

Mayor Greenwell says proper precautions are being taken. He says every morning the police department disinfects the equipment.

“They have got a spray mist machine that’s actually used for them if they go in coronavirus things, they spray it with the Lysol disinfectant,” Mayor Greenwell said.

One county resident, Alexya Smith says it’s a matter of opinion.

“It’s a matter of perspective and opinion if you think you’ll be fine coming out here and bringing out your kids, whose to stop you?” Smith said.

Everybody has different opinions, understand people’s opinions, just because I’m for it and you’re against it - agree to disagree," Mayor Greenwell said.

Mayor Greenwell says for now the city’s playgrounds, tennis courts and volleyball courts remain open. He says they’re still looking into opening the baseball and softball fields back up.

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