Sunset Cemetery holds Memorial Day service

Sunset Cemetery holds Memorial Day service

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Sunset Cemetery in Evansville honored those who have served our country this Memorial Day.

Some who attended the service told us that regardless of a pandemic, there always needs to be a way to recognize the day.

14 News spoke to a few people who came out to pay their respects. They say they’re thankful the cemetery held the service as many were canceled because of COVID-19.

They tell us it’s important not to forget the ones who have fought and served for our country.

Guests say they felt safe as most people were wearing masks and chairs were spaced out.

“My husband did two tours in Vietnam. He’s been gone for nineteen years," resident of Evansville Susan Wade said. “And Memorial Day is just important to me. It’s important to remember the sacrifice.”

For Susan Wade and many others in attendance Monday at Sunset Cemetery, the Memorial Day service was observed a little differently.

“Not so much hugging, ya know, I’m a touchy-feely person so this has been difficult for me," Wade said. “Because I always want to walk right up to people, but it was a nice service.”

But with the same amount of remembrance and emotion as any other year.

“My husband was a veteran, I lost him eight months ago. And he’s buried here. As is my brother, he served in the Navy and he’s buried here," Sylvia Day, a resident of Evansville said.

For Sylvia Day, Memorial Day means honoring the family she’s lost, and she, and others, are hoping that generations to come, pick up this tradition.

“When you look around the cemetery there’s a lot of people out here," Day said. “But I’m disappointed that there’s not many young people out here. It’s important that they pick up and carry on where the older generation leaves off.”

And for Sylvia and Susan, they both agree, regardless of a pandemic, there’s always a way to honor the ones who fought and served for our country.

“Where there’s a will there’s a way, and you can find it if you try hard enough," Day said.

“There’s always a way to celebrate. My husband isn’t buried here, but I always go to that one. It’s just important to support our veterans. We don’t know what’s lying down the road," Wade said.

Some other cemeteries we talked to told us they decided to cancel their services just to make sure everyone would be safe.

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