Little Leagues Return to Practice in Indiana

Little Leagues Return to Practice in Indiana

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - As the country slowly begins to re-open, and tries to return, to some sense of normalcy, youth sports is set to make a comeback.

Today, was the first day, that youth leagues in Indiana, could hold practices, per Governor Eric Holcomb’s state re-opening plan. Out at Evansville’s East Youth Baseball league, the navy team, in the “major” level, held its first practice. We spoke with head coach Chris Jackson, who tells us that they have new guidelines in place this season, to help keep kids and fans safe.

Navy team head coach and parent Chris Jackson said, “We’re only allowed to have a few in the dugout, and then we’ve got all the kids spaced out 6 feet apart, in the bullpen area when they’re batting -- no high-fives. We’re actually too, sanitizing the dugouts and everything between games, so this year we have an hour-and-a-half timeline for the games, so in between games we can get in and disinfect the dugouts and equipment. We are not allowing fans to sit in the stands, and we’re encouraging social distancing.”

Navy team member Quinn Jackson said, “I was ready for this league to open up and I was just tired of sitting at home all the time. It’s gonna be different obviously, and we don’t need high-fives or anything. we’ll just say good game and that’s it.”

Chris Jackson says that initially, some parents pulled their kids out of the East Youth league, but within the past couple weeks, they’ve actually taken a handful of new sign-ups.

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