South Spencer honors graduates with parade

Parade held for graduating seniors in Spencer Co.

ROCKPORT, Ind. (WFIE) - Memorial Day weekend is normally a big time for high school graduations, but with the restrictions put in place, thanks to the corona-virus, most of them have been postponed. Folks at South Spencer High School, though, found a creative way to honor their graduates.

Graduation. High school kids work tirelessly for four years to get to that special day. But thanks to Covid-19, this year’s senior class has had a year, like no other.

South Spencer senior Lydia Grose said, “It’s been pretty difficult, because we don’t get those last memories, those last senior fun trips, those last day of school and all that.”

Lydia Grose is a member of South Spencer’s senior class, who was supposed to walk across that stage and get their diplomas today. But since graduation is postponed, faculty decided to parade their grads thru Rockport today, to celebrate their achievement.

South Spencer principal Jim Bush said, “They’ve missed out on a lot of things, so we wanted to try to do something special. Parents, the community, the mayor has put a big sign up for us the parents have purchased, the yard signs.”

Family and friends lined Walnut and Main Streets, as students drove and rode in their cars, golf carts, and even tanks, decorated with their names, signs, and markings, as their names were read one-by-one, in front of city hall.

“Today’s really important to me. We’re honored, it’s gonna be exciting, drive our cars, sit on top, smile, have fun," Grose said.

Tony Palmer who’s daughter graduated from South Spencer said, “We usually have parades if the boys win state or girls go to state. It’s incredible, I think this turned out really good, in fact, maybe we should do this on years we don’t have Covid 19.”

Now, at this time, South Spencer is planning to have an in-person graduation, on Friday, July 10th, at 7:00 Until then, they will monitor the pandemic’s situation, and hope for the best.

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