Newburgh butcher shop owner breaks down reasoning behind increased meat prices

Newburgh butcher shop owner breaks down reasoning behind increased meat prices

NEWBURGH, Ind. (WFIE) - Anyone shopping for meat to grill over the holiday weekend may have noticed a recent spike in meat prices.

Randy Pearson was happy to see plenty of customers inside his butcher shop on Friday.

“Well, it’s been really busy, but it’s also been a shock because of the increase in prices,” Pearson, owner of Rivertown Butcher Shop said.

Some of the meats at his shop are nearly three times more expensive per pound than his normal prices.

“My ground chuck two weeks ago was $3.99 per pound, right now it’s $9.99 per pound," Pearson said.

A lot of these prices are out of Pearson’s control because many processing facilities are short-staffed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

This makes it more difficult and more pricey for Pearson to get the meat for his shop.

“There’s a shortage of processors - people that can actually process the meat," Pearson said. "That is why nobody is getting meat because there is nobody out there to process it. People are actually euthanizing animals and throwing them away!”

Pearson has even placed signs out in his store to apologize for the higher prices, and he says they are increasing every single day.

Despite the surge in prices, Pearson says his customers have been understanding, and he’s thankful that they still come in to support the shop.

“I’ve had loyal customers here for 20 years and they know that it’s not something that I’m doing," Pearson said. "It’s something that is happening that I have to react to. They trust me, and they are like my family.”

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