Local apartment complexes plan to reopen pools with rigid social distancing measures

Local apartment complexes plan to reopen pools with rigid social distancing measures

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - City leaders announced last week that city pools would remain closed, so swim lessons and related activities were cancelled through the 2020 season, but some apartment complexes with swimming pools are getting ready to open their gates to residents.

Complexes like Bradford Pointe Apartments want to open their pools for their residents to give them a sense of normalcy again. However, most apartment buildings that spoke with 14 News said the rules are going to be a little different this year.

Multiple apartment managers told 14 News that a new capacity limit is currently in place, with some apartments operating on just 50% and not allowing guests inside the pool area.

Places like Bradford Pointe say each resident has a pool key card and will not be able to bring anyone that does not live at the apartment inside. April Hilton, the area manager at Bradford Pointe Apartments, said this is all to ensure the safety of their residents.

“The guidelines that we will be having in place - we will have posted on the entrance of the pool gate, along with every fence area along the pool, and we will manually be giving the residents a copy of those guidelines as well," Hilton said. "We will enforce social distancing and six feet apart. We will also be logging every time that we sanitize the pool area, along with monitoring the pool area.”

Hilton also told 14 News they will be getting anti-slip tape to enforce that six feet rule, along with the rules posted on the fences. Meanwhile, like other apartment buildings, there will be sanitizing stations throughout the area.

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