BJ’s Home Accents closes after 41 years of business

BJ’s Home Accents closes after 41 years of business

NEWBURGH, Ind. (WFIE) - After more than four decades, BJ’s Home Accents in Warrick County is closing for good.

BJ’s was founded in 1979 as a fresh flower shop, but quickly grew into a home store selling furniture, gifts and décor.

Over the years, co-owners Bill Fortson and John Clements have gained national recognition for their work in the industry. According to the business’s website, BJ’s was just the second retailer in the U.S. to be inducted into the Accessory Resource Team Hall of Fame.

“We are so, so happy of all the things we’ve been able to do throughout the years,” Clements said.

After serving generations of clients, Fortson and Clements are ready for what’s next.

“We feel like it is just our time, our ‘meant to be’ time," Clements said. “We’ve decided to - well, Bill doesn’t like the word ‘retire,’ so I can’t use the word ‘retire,’ but we have sold the store after all these years. We will miss all of our friends and all of our neighbors. We’ve become special friends with so many people.”

Martha Oates of Newburgh is a friend to Fortson and Clements and is a frequent shopper at BJ’s.

“I think it is a lot more than the Newburgh community," Oates said. “It is a national community. They have clients everywhere. They have a lot of people who are going to miss them, not just here in the Newburgh community.”

Clements says they are excited to work with the new owners of the BJ’s building, Enjole Interiors of Evansville.

“We hope, and they have mentioned, we might be included in some of the things they do here," Clements said. "We are so excited for the new owners coming in. They are wonderful, wonderful people.”

“It’s been nice to share in the beginnings, and to be here for the end,” Oates said. “It’s been a wonderful store.”

Until then, Clements encourages neighbors to stop by for BJ’s closing sale.

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