Over 700 residents cast ballots at mobile voting unit in Hopkins Co.

Over 700 residents cast ballots at mobile voting unit in Hopkins Co.

HOPKINS CO., Ky. (WFIE) - A new way of casting your vote for the upcoming Kentucky primary elections is in motion as over 700 people showed up at a new mobile unit to do so.

“There’s just something about that in-person voting - watching your ballot go through and it just gives you satisfaction,” Madisonville resident Tanya Bowman said.

Kentucky voters stood in line outside of Melody Lanes Bowling Center in Madisonville on Wednesday. While it may look like these people were standing in line for a food truck, they were actually taking advantage of the county’s attempt to keep voters safe from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Today, we have started our mobile voting unit that will be spread throughout Hopkins County for the voters to come if they so choose too,” Hopkins County Clerk Keenan Cloern said.

With Kentucky’s primary elections scheduled to take place on June 23, Hopkins County officials wanted to provide residents with choices on how to vote.

“This is important to me because I want voters to have the option to choose on how they wish to cast their ballot,” Cloern said.

In the middle of a pandemic, Cloern wished to offer safe options for early voters.

“They can mail it in, they can come to the office to vote, they can choose to vote at a mobile location, and stand out in the rain like many of them have,” Cloern said.

This mobile voting unit will be popping up at all nine cities in Hopkins County. No matter where people live in the county, Cloern says residents can vote at any of the sites.

“I wanted to do it in person," Madisonville resident Charles Jones said. “This is something I do every year for voting.”

Right now, Cloern says that Hopkins County officials are the only ones utilizing a mobile voting unit throughout the state.

“Whether it’s in person or by mail, I want them to feel secure that their vote is counted," Cloern said.

“Well I rather do it in person," Madisonville resident Diane Jones said. "That way I know that I voted instead of online.”

The steps to vote at these mobile pop sites are simple: voters step in line, fill out an absentee application, attach their driver’s license and head to check in. Afterwards, voters will be given a ballot, sign into the register book, fill out the ballot and insert it into the scanner.

Click here for a full list of voting locations in Hopkins County.

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