Donut Bank reopens dining room while implementing new social distancing guidelines

Donut Bank reopens dining room while implementing new social distancing guidelines

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Donut Bank is now allowing customers inside again.

After closing for months due to COVID-19, Donut Bank says they are excited to be opening back up and getting back to normal.

Donut Bank is a local gem in the Tri-State, and the history goes all the way back to 1967 when they first opened their doors.

This will be the public’s first time being allowed back inside since March.

Donut Bank has been taking the precautions seriously after being closed for months. So if you come in, things are going to look a little different.

Customers Like Harold Dillworth have been coming to Donut bank for decades.

“It was probably in the 70′s. Hank and I were regulars then and it’s been a long time," Dillworth said. "There was the other location with the bar stools, but we’ve been fixtures here ever since.”

He’s built a bond with the employees who know him by name and tells us it’s been hard not seeing them.

“Oh yeah, we’ve missed this place. Like a said, it’s been a fixture, all the girls here. We’ve taken care of them while they’re off, and it’s just a special group here," Dillworth told us.

Regulars happily came to their regular spot on Wednesday as Donut Bank reopened their indoor seating.

“I’m in here every morning. Everybody says this is my office. So I guess probably it is," Dillworth said. "I’ve been coming here a long time.”

Donut Bank locations across the Tri-State have put a lot of plans in place to keep regulars safe.

“I think it’s the new norm," said Chris Kempf, the president of Donut Bank. "You see it everywhere. So we’ve got little donut stickers everywhere. Kind of showing people where to walk and where to stay.”

They are also asking the public to wear a mask if they have one.

Not all Donut Banks are opening their seating back up to the public. The Henderson location will open back up on Friday when Governor Andy Beshear allows restaurants to open at 33% capacity.

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