Kentucky retail stores gear up to reopen

Kentucky retail stores gear up to reopen

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear is allowing retail businesses to open back up Wednesday. However, this comes with a long list of protocols.

Retail businesses in Kentucky have been closed going on two months.

“You know we’ve missed so many big events in Owensboro. We missed Easter, we missed derby, we missed Mother’s Day," owner of Excursions Boutique Jaye Moseley said.

But starting Wednesday, Kentuckians will be free to do more than just window shop.

“I’m thinking, that it is time,” Daviess County resident Sharon Castle said.

The doors of Excursions Boutique will be opening back up Wednesday at 10 a.m.

“We are so excited. That parking lot has been empty for too long," Moseley said. “I’m so ready to see all my new friends, my old friends, and some new ones too.”

Owner Jaye Moseley says she and her staff have been hard at work.

“Just intensely cleaning and trying to understand the guidelines and try to just do this in the correct way,” Moseley said.

The Governor's "Healthy at Work" plan requires businesses to limit their number of customers to 33 percent capacity.

“I believe that we’ll attack it by just putting up a lot of signage and alerting the customers that we will have a limited capacity,” Moseley said.

The owner says she doesn’t believe that the capacity limit will be a problem.

“Although if I have ten people in here at once, I’ll be so excited," Moseley said. “You know we’re just a small store so we’re very exclusive, and we tend to have you know fewer bodies in here at the same time.”

Moseley says Excursions is hoping for a good turnout this weekend.

“We are preparing for a big weekend and it’s a holiday weekend anyway, I’m hopeful that people are going to want to get out," Moseley said.

“I really am ready for it to open, yes ma’am," Castle said.

In addition to retail, funeral and memorial services will also be resuming Wednesday.

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