Kentucky couple honor all 50 states by flying flags

Kentucky couple honor 50 states by flying flags

CENTRAL CITY, Ky (WFIE) - Many of us are trying to find ways to help during the pandemic while staying at home.

One Central City couple found a way to honor all 50 states and the sacrifices everyone is making.

“We’re going to change this flag from the first state to the second state. First state was Delaware, second state was Pennsylvania,” flag collector Spencer Brewer said.

Spencer and Linda Brewer collect flags. 250 flags ranging from state flags to flags from other countries and some hand made.

“I enjoy sewing, sewing relaxes me,” Linda Brewer said. But now during the pandemic, they thought of a better way to use the flags to show their support to all 50 states.

“We’re going to be doing this every Tuesday until every state, every territory in the United States, has been flown as a tribute to the sacrifices that all of these states have made,” Spencer said.

“We’re not able to do much else, we need to stay in because of the coronavirus problem and all," Linda said. “So I think it’s a good idea to pay tribute to each state. Some states are in more trouble in it than others, and it’s a good idea to pay tribute to them.”

The Brewers hope that neighbors and people passing by will recognize their tribute and take a minute to thank all who are sacrificing each day. The Brewers are hanging each flag in the same order each state was admitted into the Union.

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