Ivy Tech to resume in-person classes in August

Published: May. 19, 2020 at 6:58 PM CDT
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Ivy Tech has announced they will be having in-person classes starting in August. Before they let students back into the classrooms, all facilities will be sanitized and disinfected.

Students will still have the option to take online classes in the fall.

Social distancing rules will be in place, and signs will be posted. Students will be given a mask to wear, but masks will not be mandatory.

“You want to keep your neighborhood safe, and a lot of our teachers are older," student Margaret Henderson said. “We want to keep our teachers and instructors safe because we don’t want to fall behind in the semester so I feel like we should probably take that precaution.”

Mackenzie is a third-semester nursing student and is eager to get back in the classroom.

“My clinical got cut short at Deaconess Hospital because of all of this so I missed, probably two to three weeks of that hands-on patient experience,” Mackenzie Wallace said. “It got supplemented with online simulation, which just wasn’t the same."

Ivy Tech is also preparing for an influx of university students wanting to take classes while they wait to head back to their universities.

”We are going to try and predict, what are those courses that would be core courses that guest students would enroll," Chancellor Daniela Vidal said. “They can enroll in an eight-week course, and that would give you a full credit that you can then transfer.”

Regardless of the type of student coming to campus, the college is working hard to make sure everyone is safe and accomplishes their goals.

Ivy Tech is also hosting 10,000 free courses. This will allow Hoosiers to take courses to better their skills as jobs become available post-pandemic.

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