Evansville Salvation Army receives $125,000 from Crisis Response Fund

Evansville Salvation Army receives $125,000 from Crisis Response Fund

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The COVID-19 Crisis Response Fund of Greater Evansville Region dedicated to helping community nonprofit agencies, announced its second and third rounds of recipients Tuesday.

The fund awarded the largest amount of $125,000 to the Evansville Salvation Army. Leaders say this amount is being matched by The Salvation Army’s Divisional Headquarters in Indianapolis, totaling $250,000 for the Evansville location.

“We are very pleased,” Major Mark Turner says. “This grant will be able to help so many people.”

The Salvation Army was one of 25 recipients of rounds two and three of this fund.

In addition to providing more food, leaders say this money will be dedicated to supporting its biggest demand during this pandemic, helping residents pay bills like monthly rent and utilities.

“This is something that, even if you have an emergency fund, this is difficult," Major Turner says. “These are people that are hard-working. People that serve us when we go out to eat. People that take care of us when we go into the retail restaurants. People that have always taken care of their families, and right now, they’re suffering."

Leaders say this money will assist families who may have experienced job loss, challenges from self-employment, or shorter work hours due to COVID-19. Staff members ask those who are receiving funds through unemployment to allow The Salvation Army to assist others during this time.

“Maybe we can help a lot of families get caught up and feel like there is some hope," Major Turner says.

This money also allows the organization to hire more caseworkers to help serve people on a daily basis.

“Our biggest hardship is we are used to being around people,” Major Turner says. “Just wrapping our arms around people, sometimes letting them cry on our shoulder, and letting them know that we really care. We can’t quite put our arms around them, literally, as we use to, but we can encourage them.”

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