Kentucky easing COVID-19 restrictions this week

Kentucky easing COVID-19 restrictions this week.

KENTUCKY (WFIE) - COVID-19 restrictions are being eased in Kentucky, allowing more businesses to reopen.

Monday morning, government offices and agencies will be allowed to open, if they follow requirements in place.

Governor Andy Beshear’s guidelines say no more than 50 percent of employees are allowed in the office, and to make sure social distancing practices are in place.

On Wednesday, some limitations will be lifted on funeral and retail services.

Guidelines say funeral homes should limit in-person memorials to no more than 33 percent capacity.

They also ask that services still be streamed or recorded for those who can not mourn in person.

As for retail businesses, they will also be opening at 33 percent Wednesday. They’re also asking stores to limit the number of customers to allow for social distancing.

On Friday, restaurants will be able to open at 33 percent capacity.

They’re asking restaurants, if they can, to maximize outdoor seating, to keep people spread out.

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