Henderson Co. schools prepare for next academic school year

Henderson Co. schools prepare for next academic school year

HENDERSON, Ky (WFIE) - Although the end of the school year is just wrapping up for most districts, conversations continue now about what instructions may look like this fall.

Henderson County’s Board of Education met Monday evening and those plans were part of the discussion. We’re learning modifications that may likely be made.

As Henderson County’s school year for staff comes to a close on Tuesday, district leaders are looking ahead to the next academic year.

“We are starting now even though we don’t know exactly what that school year will look like because we want to be able to have a plan as quick as we can in place,” Henderson County Schools Superintendent Marganna Stanley said.

Three committees have been formed which focus on key areas, including instructional, personnel and logistics. They’ve been developing ideas and concepts for about three weeks.

Those committees are made up of a mix of district office administrators, principals, teachers, support staff and parents.

“Creating the plan is one thing; but, communicating it to our parents, our caregivers, and people who watch students and help students do their homework on our NTI days is a critical piece also,” Stanley added.

State leaders are also asking districts to develop three calendars.

One is traditional, which is already board approved. But, the two other options include later and earlier start dates. The district plans to continue working with the CDC and Kentucky Department of Education, which put out guidelines late last week on school building reopening plans.

"What that kind of should look like in a classroom, what should that look like on a bus, what should that look like in all the different places and locations in school,” Stanley explained.

Henderson Schools have more than 7,000 students and another 1,100 staff members. Mrs. Stanley also tells 14 News they will be meeting with leaders at the Green River District Health Department this week for guidance.

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