‘He is an icon’: Winslow community honors retired town marshal with terminal illness

‘He is an icon’: Winslow community holds parade to honor retired town marshal

WINSLOW, Ind. (WFIE) - Steve English served as town marshal for 33 years, but since retiring, he has been seriously ill for the last few months.

Fellow first responders and members of the community held a parade in Pike County to honor him on Sunday.

“Steve’s health’s been failing for some time now,” Winslow Deputy Marshal Mike McGregor said. “We thought we had more time than what we do. It’s heartbreaking, gut-wrenching.”

McGregor said the parade was orchestrated last minute, so English could see how much he impacted his community.

“His wife, Tammy English, got ahold of me and asked me last night if I could pull off an honorary parade, while he’s still awake, so he could look out his window, and see the emergency vehicles and his comrades, and I said I’ll get it done,” McGregor said. “And you can see the law enforcement vehicles, the firemen, the EMS, the sheriff’s department, all of the marshal departments - there’s been an outpour of public involved as well.”

English’s family emphasized how much this drive-in parade meant to English and his loved ones.

“I really appreciate them showing him this little last bit of appreciation for his service,” Abbey Evans, English’s daughter said.

“His police career meant a lot to him,” Melody Faulk, English’s stepdaughter said. “His family first, then his police career. I mean he dedicated a lot of time. He missed birthday parties, had to leave birthday parties, he would get called out, and he would just go and be okay with it, and come back as soon as he could.”

McGregor considers his relationship with English as family.

“He is an icon,” McGregor said. “Steve’s taught me a few things throughout the years. I’ve taught him a few things throughout the years, and we’re like brothers."

“When the tears started rolling that was tough,” McGregor said. “You can’t say enough about how wonderful people they are.”

McGregor says he estimates that nearly 50 cars, including all the first responders, took part in Sunday’s honorary parade.

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