Family confirms death of Madisonville fire victim

Family confirms death of Madisonville fire victim

MADISONVILLE, Ky. (WFIE) - Family members have confirmed that Goldie “Marge” DeBoeuf, who was inside a Hopkins County home when a fire broke out inside the residence earlier this week, has died.

DeBoeuf was alive when police officers rushed inside her burning house to get her, and each of them spoke exclusively to 14 News reporter Evan Gorman on Friday evening.

These police officers were first on scene, and about 10 hours into a 12-hour overnight shift, when they were called to the house fire early Tuesday morning.

Video recorded by neighbor shows the flames spreading through the home at the 100 block of Holiday Place in Madisonville around 4 a.m.

"Marge was just a very genuine person,” neighbor Philip Crofford said. “Any time you talk with her, you could tell she had a caring and compassionate spirit for people.”

Two people were inside the house when the fire broke out. One was able to get out safely and was taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The responding officers with the Madisonville Police Department rushed to the front door after being told a person was still inside.

“It was way more developed than we anticipated,” Officer Austin Madden told 14 News.

"Once some of the smoke cleared, that’s when I could see a foot towards the bottom,” Officer Dustin Scott recalled. “That is when I told Officer Madden, ‘hold the door we’re going in’.”

Officers made the quick decision to go into the burning home unprotected.

“I see Madden and Scott running towards the fire, so for me, I am going to run with them,” Officer Shawn Davis shared.

Sergeant Allan Stokes, who is also trained as a paramedic, started giving the victim medical care immediately once she was pulled out.

“Just trying to talk to her, just encouraging her to keep breathing,” Stokes stated.

DeBoeuf was flown to a Nashville hospital with critical injuries. Family confirmed to 14 News on Friday evening that she has since passed away.

“I’m just thankful for those guys that just went in and risked their life, even though it’s their career and job, to take care of Marge,” Crofford added.

A relative of DeBoeuf tells 14 News they are extremely grateful for the officers who helped, and added they feel the cops went above and beyond the situation at hand.

The cause of fire is still under investigation.

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