Evansville church prepares to resume in-person services on Sun.

Evansville church prepares to resume in-person services on Sun.

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Churches throughout Indiana are putting in new protocols to make sure they are abiding by Gov. Eric Holcomb’s requirements to keep their congregations safe.

Leadership at Abundant Faith Church in Evansville is doing everything they can to make sure their members feel safe on their first Sunday back in the building in nearly two months.

“There’s nothing actually like being here, and feeling the presence and spirit of God, and worshiping," Chad Bayer, member of the church’s screening task force said.

The new protocols start as soon as the doors open.

“People are showing up in enough time before service as to not just hang around, but to come get checked in and get screened,” Pastor James Maroney said.

The church has created a screening task force that is asking important questions and making sure everyone is healthy coming through the doors.

“We’re going to take their temperature," Bayer said. "Anyone with a temperature of 100 degrees or higher, will be asked not to enter the building.”

Once church members are cleared, social distancing comes into play.

“They’re going to lead them as families and bring them up the stairs into the sanctuary," Maroney said. "We already have the doors open and will have them seated as families.”

Each household will be seated rows and seats apart. The church is also cutting down on close interactions.

“We’re going to sit as families, we’re going to worship as families, we can pray as families," Bayer said. “But at the same time, we know that we can look over and see that the other families are also there too.”

The church has always been a shelter," Maroney said. “It’s always been a safe place for everyone who enters here.”

Not all churches in Indiana are reopening on Sunday.

Some are taking extra time to come up with their own plans to keep their members safe.

“I’m excited to see everybody," Bayer said. “We’re not going to be handshaking or hugging one another, but you can always wave and give an air hug.”

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