Families, nursing homes making special preparations for Mother’s Day

Families, nursing homes making special preparations for Mother’s Day

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Mother’s Day is just two days away, and florists all over the Tri-State are working hard to fill orders.

Bloom Flower Studio in Newburgh has sold out all of its flowers for the celebration.

Owner Courtney Martin says this is the most business she’s had since the store opened.

The studio is doing non-contact pickups and curbside deliveries.

Martin is hoping through each flower, a little positivity is spread.

“I feel like they’re just so happy to have flowers to bring joy and happiness during this time when everyone is stuck at home," Martin said. “They are looking for something to make them, you know, a little happy and to spread love.”

At Bethel Manor in Evansville, 90% of its residents are mothers, making Sunday one of the biggest holidays for this facility.

“Now, we’re at Mother’s Day, so it will be like one of the hardest days,” administrator Josh Bowman said. “So we’re trying to make sure we make it as fun as possible.”

The staff is planning to have games and crossword puzzles which are Mother’s Day-themed, while creating a space for residents to talk to their families.

”They can go have a conversation on one of our iPads," Bowman said. “We can do FaceTime or Skype. If there’s some other kind of method people have for an app, we’re willing to try that too.”

The staff has also taken extra precautions when it comes to gifts.

”We’ll go and sanitize the vase, and then end up doing a little spray of Lysol misting of the flowers," Bowman said. “We know there’s not a big chance for any kind of coronavirus to come in on a flower, but we don’t want to take any chances either. So the flowers might have a little different smell this year. We could have some like clean linen, original Lysol."

The staff members at Bethel Manor are excited to create a special day for their residents to show their appreciation, while bringing a little normalcy during such uncertain times.

“They’re just excited to have a way to connect with their families, and I think the families feel the same way about that too,” Bowman said.

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