Catholic Diocese of Evansville plans to resume in-person masses starting May 18

Catholic Diocese of Evansville plans to resume in-person masses starting May 18

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The Catholic Diocese of Evansville just released its plan to ease back into in-person masses.

The Diocese of Evansville announced Thursday that public liturgies can resume beginning on Monday, May 18.

14 News learned that both social distancing and frequent cleaning will be integral parts of the diocese’s plan.

Some of these changes, like private prayer in the parishes, will start Friday.

However, weekday public masses are expected to continue on May 18. The same date allows for funeral masses, weddings and scheduled confessions.

Sunday masses will welcome parishioners with social distancing guidelines on the following weekend on May 24. There will also be changes to communion.

“Basically, we will only be offering the host at this time, but from the chalice will continue to be suspended for the faithful for obvious reasons," Bishop Joseph Siegel said. “We will encourage people as much as possible to receive in the hand, rather than the tongue for safety reasons, but it will be a strong encouragement. We will be spacing out people in the communion line, giving that 6-feet. Parishes may mark on the floor, like they do in the supermarkets, how far to be to the next person.”

The church is encouraging people to wear a mask if you plan to attend and is asking anyone at-risk to stay home. A live stream of services will continue to be provided.

Click here to read the church’s full statement outlining its reopening plans.

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