Evansville neighborhood holds socially distanced concert

Evansville neighborhood holds socially distanced concert

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - An Evansville neighborhood was in full harmony as they participated in a socially distanced concert.

“In the middle of this COVID pandemic it’s really important to be able to gather to feel that sense of community," neighbor Meaghan Pyle said.

With every clap, tap and key, the neighborhood brought joy during a time where many are struggling to see the light.

“I just like to make people happy, and I get to play with my grandma, so it’s always fun playing with her,” performer Elliott Pereboom said.

It was a show that paid respect to America, and the times spent before social distancing was a necessity.

“Have an outlet to do something we enjoy, to see people even if we can’t really be by them, and to have a good time,” performer Judy Pereboom said.

It was a time that brought them closer together, and for just a moment, what was happening beyond their homes was a distant memory.

“All the people who keep this country running, even during this pandemic, we just thank them so much,” performer Doug Chambliss said.

“We’re not alone and gatherings like this, especially with music, can really help people in distress,” Pyle said.

Members of the neighborhood want to encourage people and their families to find their own melody in these uncertain times.

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