City of Evansville strives to bring food security to local communities

City of Evansville strives to bring food security to local communities

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Lines were wrapped around school buildings as families waited to receive free food from the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation and Amariqual on Wednesday.

The high demand and lack of food left many empty handed.

“Our largest day in the past several weeks was 5,000, and this time we actually went up to 8,000, and still wasn’t enough clearly with the demands,” EVSC Chief Communications Officer Jason Woenkenberg said.

Hannah Ketterhenry went to three schools and came up short-handed, but the community stepped up to help fill the gap.

“I know there was a lot of other people who didn’t get to eat, but she was special,” Frank Patton Jr. said. “She touched my heart, and I told her to come and get some BBQ.”

“We can all kind of come together and bring each other back down to earth, and let each other know that there’s still a little bit of humanity out there,” Ketterhenry said

The city of Evansville’s re-open task force is working to help those with food insecurities.

The task force is mapping out all of the programs happening around the city. In any area that doesn’t have help, it’s stepping in by hosting grab-and-go lunches and handing out pantry boxes​.

“The relief of getting the grab-and-go’s was necessary, and it’s going to be necessary throughout the summer,” Task Force Co-Chair Lisa Vaughan said. “But we want to help everybody to kind of transition into providing groceries for the home.”

Trying to tackle food insecurity is a big job, but the city of Evansville says it’s a job that needs to be done. ​

”We’re relieving you now, we need to transition, and then we want to make sure you’re in a stable state," Vaughan said. “Maybe even better than where we were prior to COVID-19.”

The task force also has a grocery delivery service for anyone who can’t get out of the home right now - whether that’s due to illness, being high risk for catching COVID-19, or for single parents who just need a hand.

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