Local dry cleaning business makes masks for the community

Local dry cleaning business makes masks for the community

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) -Employees from a local dry cleaner have taken to their sewing machines to help out the community during the pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the lives of millions.

“Well normally I do alterations, repairs, and things of that nature," seamstress at Don’s & Claytons Dry Cleaning Nancy Wright said.

It’s forced people all over the Tri-State to focus their talents in other directions.

”Now I’m a mask maker," Wright smiled.

Don’s and Clayton’s Dry Cleaning is one of many businesses that have shifted their focus and are using their resources to help the community.

“Once we received the money from the SBA, it just made sense to put our people back to work and try to do what we could," President of Don’s & Claytons Dry Cleaning Bryan Schmitt said. “And do the most we could for the community.”

Anyone can place an order for adult or children sizes by calling a Don’s & Claytons location or by emailing your order to registry@dci-cleaners.com.

As an employee of Don’s & Claytons for about a decade, Nancy Wright says helping comes naturally.

“I would hope someone would do it for me as I get older, but that’s just the way I was born and raised," Wright said. “You help wherever you can, and if you have a talent, use it.”

Schmitt says the response to the shift in business has been overwhelming, and they hope to continue to keep the community safe.

“If anybody else that can make them from home and want to bring them to us and donate them, it would be very much appreciated because with the recent surge we’ve gotten, we’re quickly getting underwater. It’s going to be a challenge getting them all filled," Schmitt said.

If you have any masks or materials you’re willing to donate you can contact any Don’s & Claytons location or email at registry@dci-cleaners.com.

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