EVSC Teacher Locker gives away school supplies at McGary Middle School

EVSC Teacher Locker gives away school supplies at McGary Middle School

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Students all over the Tri-State are adjusting to what’s becoming their new normal, and the EVSC continues to help its students who are forced to stay home.

For the third time in two weeks, the Teacher Locker gave away free school supplies to EVSC students.

Saturday’s give-away was at McGary Middle School, where teachers volunteered to hand out notebooks, pencils, crayons and pencil pouches in a grab-and-go fashion.

This comes at a time when many parents or guardians may be furloughed or working reduced hours and may not be able to afford to buy these supplies.

It even provided a great way for these teachers to see some of their students.

“This is something that is truly needed for those that don’t have internet access at home, and it kinda gives them something familiar with school, so we just wanted to stop by, and we’re so happy to see all the teachers here today,” said Amy Fallen, parent of two who attend McGary Middle School.

“The main goal was to get school supplies to kids, but really it’s to see their faces again, and the connection that we have with our kids and to be able to help them out has just been incredible," said Dale Naylor, principle at McGary Middle School.

Jeffrey Berger with the Teacher Locker told us during Saturday’s giveaway, that they had given away over 1,600 packets so far, and figured they might push 1,700 by the time they were done.

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