Man busted for taking his fish on a walk during pandemic

This sure is fishy

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LOGROÑO, Spain (Gray News) – Sometimes people get a bit stir-crazy in the middle of a coronavirus lockdown.

An unidentified man in northern Spain was busted this week for taking his fish on a walk in its bowl.

He appeared to be trying to take advantage of a rule allowing pet owners to leave their homes so that their pets can relieve themselves.

The National Police tweeted a picture of the fishy suspect with his finned friend sitting in a bowl on a bench.

Spain is under a state of emergency, greatly limiting when residents can leave their homes.

Last month, police in Murcia caught a man in a T-rex costume roaming the city streets.

The department posted a video of the encounter to the "Theme from Jurassic Park."

“During the (state of) alert, pets are allowed to walk accompanied by a person, always with short walks to relieve themselves,” their tweet said. “Having a Tyrannosaurus rex is not covered.”

The video ends with the words, “Quedate en casa,” or “Stay at home.”

The man in the T-rex costume is seen skulking down the street, presumably back to his home.

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