Locals experience issues accessing bank accounts

Technical difficulties attributed to user overload from first wave of federal relief checks

Locals experience issues accessing their bank accounts

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Relief for some is creating a really big problem for others during the COVID-19 pandemic. As we found out, lots of people had trouble accessing their bank accounts Wednesday.

The first wave of relief checks went out.

Millions of Americans are receiving that money from the government. Others are left watching, waiting, and hitting refresh.

”I went to log onto my bank and it kept coming up and saying that it was technical difficulties," local bank customer Joanne Patton said.

People out of jobs amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the government now distributing relief checks to Americans.

“Another time it said that they were over loaded with calls and people trying to get on,” Patton said.

Bank customers like Patton are among the millions patiently waiting to see that stimulus money drop into her account.

Retired chairman and CEO of Old National Bank Bob Jones says you can imagine the system is bound to slow down.

“When you think about it, 80 million checks are being deposited, and probably 79 million 900 hundred thousand people checking to see if that check is in their account,” Jones said.

Jones says to be patient during this time.

“People are scared," Jones said. "They can’t make their rent payment, they’re having trouble putting food on the table.”

When you do get your check, Jones says as tempting as it may be, these checks are not designed to spent right away.

“These are relief checks. That’s really an important part of it," Jones said. “They’re not designed to go out and buy new toys or buy new clothes.”

Lastly, Jones says watch out for scammers.

”Don’t give your social security number, don’t give your account number. Don’t take phone calls from people asking for that money," Jones said.

As for Joanne Patton, the Credit Union customer watching for her check, says it was safely deposited into her bank account afterall.

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