Latest COVID-19 data in the Tri-State

Latest COVID-19 data in the Tri-State

TRI-STATE (WFIE) - One month ago, there weren’t any known cases of COVID-19 here in our Tri-State region locally.

Maybe it was already here, but we just didn’t know it yet. That has certainly changed since then.

Here are the official numbers Thursday:

A month ago, you may have thought coronavirus was a mere possibility in our neck of the woods.

It could be here, it might be here, but health officials were saying, it will be here. Now it’s infected just about every corner of the Tri-State.

In our seven southern Indiana counties, there are 104 total positive cases.

Vanderburgh and Warrick Counties are dealing with the most cases. There are 30 positive cases in Warrick, and 51 in Vanderburgh, including one death.

On Thursday, Perry County announced it’s first three cases.

To the west in southern Illinois, COVID-19 isn’t nearly as widespread. Wabash remains the only county with a single known case of coronavirus.

Across the river in Kentucky, the presence of this illness has certainly been felt. The first positive cases we saw here in the Tri-State were in the Green River Health District, that’s where you’ll find counties that have been hit the hardest in our region.

Hopkins and Daviess County have had their hands full, with more than 70 positive cases each.

Eight lives have been lost in our Kentucky counties total. Six in Hopkins, one in Daviess and another in McLean County.

Health officials say the peak of COVID-19 is still yet to come.

What will our reality be a month from now? Our Tri-State governors say that will be up to you and me.

They say our actions now, will dictate whether or not this virus secures an even tighter grip on the region.

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