Owensboro man shares experience of battling COVID-19

Owensboro man shares COVID-19 symptoms

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - One local man who recently tested positive for COVID-19 is opening up about his experience of fighting against the virus.

Owensboro resident Gary Gardenhire says it all started when he began having trouble breathing.

“I thought it might be you know pneumonia or something like that," Gardenhire said.

After these symptoms arose, the 52-year-old drove himself to Owensboro Health’s emergency room.

“It came onto me really badly," Gardenhire said. “I wasn’t able to breathe. I was just like very, very nauseous and just had a really sick feeling.”

Gardenhire says doctors decided he needed to be tested for the coronavirus (COVID-19).

“They swab in your nose, they swab in your throat and they also take blood tests too,” Gardenhire said.

Four days later, he says he got an email from the health department saying he tested positive for COVID-19. In that email, officials directed Gardenhire to self isolate himself.

“I mean you can’t have contact with anybody," Gardenhire said. “I mean this is basically where I’ve been - in this little room for over a week now."

Gardenhire says he’s been in frequent contact with the health department and reports his temperature daily.

“They will let me know as I progress - when I can and when I can’t go back out in the public,” Gardenhire said.

Just seven days out from his diagnosis, Gardenhire says he believes he’s on the mend but that he’s not 100 percent just yet.

“I’m feeling better, but you know I still have recurrence and sometimes breathing is labored a little bit," Gardenhire said.

He says he’ll be in isolation for at least another week, or until he tests negative for the virus twice.

“It’s not worth it to keep spreading it around," Gardenhire said. “I mean you know this is never going to end if we don’t just stay in and get it over with.”

As of now, 55 cases have been confirmed in Daviess County. Each patient is required to send their temperature every day to the Green River District Health Department by 11 a.m.

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