New data reveals details on COVID-19 in Vanderburgh Co.

New data reveals details on COVID-19 in Vanderburgh County

VANDERBURGH CO., Ind. (WFIE) - COVID-19 cases jumped by 10 overnight in Vanderburgh County and new data is revealing information about those cases.

New data from the Vanderburgh County Health Department shows the highest cases are among the 20 to 29-year-old age group.

“Although we are seeing a large volume of cases, thankfully the majority of those are mild cases to moderate cases that can be taken care of at home with mild, conservative treatment,” Dr. Scheu at Deaconess said.

Health officials still say those at most risk are the 50 and older population and those with chronic conditions. New data shows how the coronavirus spread in the county.

“We’re going to see these jumps now, and those jumps are also related to community spread within our community. This isn’t travelers," said Lynn Herr with Vanderburgh County Health Department.

That data from the health department is showing an increase of 14 in community spread cases, meanwhile, the travel-related cases are staying at 10.

Doctors say it’s here and now is the time to prevent this spread.

“I think this is really where we need to listen to the recommendations of staying at home, of keeping your social distance, of continuing your handwashing, of all of those precautions," Dr. Scheu explained.

We’re also learning more details about the COVID-19 patients’ conditions in the county. The new information shows that only 24 percent of people in the county are hospitalized with the virus and that’s the good news.

“National data is telling us that about 80 percent of folks will do okay at home, and then the other part of those are going to need some extra help," Herr said.

Deaconess also said the same day testing has been going on for about 24 hours now and real-time data is going to be coming here in the next day or so.

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