Keusch Glass Inc. creates intubation boxes for medical personnel

Keusch Glass Inc. creates intubation boxes for medical personnel
Published: Apr. 1, 2020 at 9:49 PM CDT
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JASPER, Ind. (WFIE) - Keusch Glass Inc. is now helping keep medical professionals safe as they care for COVID-19 patients.

“It’s just plexiglass, was something we messed with a little bit here and there,” owner of Keusch Glass Inc. Tim Keusch said.

A plastic intubation box that prevents COVID-19 patients from spreading the virus to medical personnel.

“A week ago exactly today, Memorial Hospital came to us and showed us a picture and said 'can you make this acrylic plastic box for us,” Keusch said.

“Basically handmade a box for them," Keusch said. "They picked it up the next day, took it back to the hospital, ran it through everything, used it.”

In that moment, Keusch knew he was onto something and began to make more.

“I thought, I’ll put it on our Facebook post and that was Friday. By Monday morning, I think we had 45,000 views on it,” Keusch said.

In the last week, Keusch Glass Inc. has gone from making one of these plastic boxes to now being able to manufacture 1,000. Keusch says they’re being delivered to places like Indiana University health centers.

“Today they ordered two of them for the Bloomington office, I delivered those around noon and before I got back here, they informed us that they were going to buy them for their 18 hospitals all over Indiana,” Keusch said.

A glass company who’s business was starting to slow down because of COVID-19, now firing up their machines.

“It was a Godsend that we could switch over to these acrylic plastic boxes, keep everybody busy, and help out,” Keusch said.

Keusch says he’s also had people from Florida, Texas, and New York asking if they can get an intubation box from them.

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