Residents still cleaning up after Newburgh tornado

Residents are still cleaning up after Newburgh tornado

NEWBURGH, Ind. (WFIE) - An EF2 tornado ripped through Newburgh Saturday night, tearing off roofs, uprooting trees and taking power lines down.

We talked with a family who lived inside a home in the Ridgewood neighborhood. Their roof ripped off, making it unlivable for them.

“There’s people that are having horrible lives right now, we got our roof torn off, that’s no big deal,” said Jeff Davis, a Newburgh resident.

Some Newburgh residents like Davis and his family are without a home after a tornado came rolling through Saturday night.

“There’s a swing set in the back there that one of the guys up here anchored four feet into the ground. And it pulled it up like that far, just in that split amount of time,” Davis said.

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The Davis family tells us they’ve been staying with relatives or in a hotel.

“We’ll have to live in an extended type apartment, I guess,” Davis said.

They tell us they’re still waiting on an estimate for how much damage has been done.

“There’s a lot of damage to the inside that you can’t see," Davis said. "A gutter went through the bedroom wall, and that’s not there anymore.”

However, in this neighborhood, so many residents say at this point, all you can do is just continue to clean up, and move forward.

“I rather be in this situation then, you know, other than a lot of other people are in, that they can’t fix, we can fix this,” Davis said.

We spoke to several residents in this neighborhood who say they still don’t have power. Vectern tells us they hope to have power restored by later Monday evening.

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