Health officials urge people to obey social distancing guidelines

Health officials urge people to obey social distancing guidelines

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Health officials do not think everyone is taking social distancing seriously. The Vanderburgh County Health Department has had reports of social distancing parties happening in the community.

14 News went to several Evansville parks on Monday to see if people were listening to the CDC guidelines.

For the most part, people were maintaining the suggested six feet distance of separation.

We ran into a group of women who had been meeting every week for 40 years. They found a way to meet at Wesselman Woods by using a yardstick to measure their distance from each other and sitting in lawn chairs chatting.

Jane Glancy was one of those women. She said, "We’re used to getting together every week now that we’re retired, so we really needed this.”

“This morning I was feeling a little down in the dumps, and I called another friend, and I was just so looking forward to talking to somebody, visibly talk to somebody," said Gloria Millay, another friend from the group.

It’s something the Evansville Parks Department said is a great way to still enjoy the company of others outside.

“Most people are out usually with a family member, so we’ve gotta be cognizant of those and also people outside of our family members who are also out using the same areas,” said Brian Holtz, the executive director for Evansville Parks and Recreation Department.

While at Wesselman Woods, we noticed several groups of people playing basketball and people sitting close together watching them play. Hot spots on social media app Snapchat, showed several people gathering in Evansville over the weekend.

It’s something the Vanderburgh County Health Department is concerned about.

”Maybe they think they’re not going to get sick, but if you look at the statistics, what if they are that one or two percent," said Lynn Herr with the health department.

The parks department said restrooms are closed at the parks during this time, so keep that mind if you do decide to go to the parks, as well as water fountains. They also ask that kids have to stay off of playground equipment at this time.

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