Local 5-yr-old bringing smiles during pandemic

Local 5-yr-old bringing smiles during pandemic

BOONVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - A five-year-old from Boonville is garnering a lot of positive attention on social media.

Nora Moyes is making the most of her time at home and her mom Jessica shared videos about how they are making it through the coronavirus pandemic.

Jessica told us that Nora will be a Kindergartner at Sharon Elementary, but right now, she’s mostly worried about how her grandparents are doing.

“Let’s talk about our grandparents. I love my grandparents, but it’s not a very good idea to hug them right now," Nora said. "Don’t get the corona. We don’t want to spread the corona. If you love your grandma, don’t hug her right now. Some things you can do. . . you can call them, you can FaceTime them, unless they don’t know how to FaceTime. Old grandmas do not know how to FaceTime. You can call your grandma to make sure they have food, and tell them that you love them. You could paint them a picture?”

Nora’s mom tells us she is funny, kind and loves giving compliments, and most importantly, she loves to make people smile.

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