OFS closes in Huntingburg due to COVID-19

OFS closes in Huntingburg due to COVID-19

HUNTINGBURG, Ind. (WFIE) - In Dubois County, OFS Brands in Huntingburg is telling their workers to stay home due to preliminary measures against COVID-19.

“As a family-owned business that thinks of every employee in the organization as family,” senior VP, sales and marketing Ryan Menke said.

Menke is with OFS Brands in Huntingburg and tells us operations are being put on pause for two weeks due to COVID-19.

“It was pretty easy for us to decide,” Menke said.

Menke says they’re one of the largest healthcare and furniture providers in the nation.

“We do have a lot of healthcare clients that are on the front lines trying to help with the virus, so we did stagger our operations, we took our Indiana, Kentucky, and California facilities down,” Menke said.

By doing this, their hoping to contribute to “flattening the curve.”

“We also made the decision to go ahead and pay 80 percent of their base wage so they did have income,” Menke said.

OFS Brands considers itself to be an essential business. Menke says because of the products they make for healthcare and government industries.

“I think we’re all making decisions that are best for our people, I hope we are anyway. To protect them and get through this as fast as possible,” Menke said.

Menke tells us these two weeks go into effect this Saturday night through Easter Sunday.

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