Long time WIKY radio host’s daughter tests positive for COVID-19

Long Time Radio Host’s Daughter Tests Positive For COVID-19

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - COVID-19 seems like it’s hitting closer and closer to home every day.

Long time WIKY radio host Dennis Jon Bailey talked to us about how the virus has affected his daughter.

Bailey and his crew at the radio station have been taking extra precautions with the spread of the coronavirus.

However, Bailey didn’t expect to get a call from his daughter in New York, telling him she tested positive.

“One of the people she was working with started developing symptoms, he was tested, and he was confirmed for COVID-19," Bailey said.

Kathryn Bailey and her fiance were then immediately quarantined in their apartment and both of them are in their mid-20s. Bailey spoke on his morning radio show about how the virus doesn’t discriminate by age.

“Two things that hit her was the lung thing, and of course her fiance has asthma, so it really hit him hard," Bailey said. “So it was the fatigue thing. The extreme fatigue, she says it was just incredible."

Quarantined in their 400 square foot apartment, Bailey says Kathryn was out of breath going from room to room, and it was the inability to breathe that scared her and her fiance.

Being a costume designer for Broadway shows in New York, she’s constantly in contact with people, sharing different tools going hand from hand.

“It really really knocked them down, and these are otherwise a couple of healthy young people," Bailey said.

Bailey tells us after more than a week from when Kathryn first started experiencing symptoms, she seems to be getting better, and her fiance is just a couple of days behind her.

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