Instructions on how to apply for unemployment in IN

Instructions on how to apply for unemployment in IN

INDIANA (WFIE) - How will you pay bills if you can’t work? More people than ever are qualified for unemployment and might not even know it.

Every single person has been affected in some way. If not personally, then professionally.

Some people are working from home while others cannot work at all. They’re turning to the state to help.

If you need to file for unemployment, here’s your starting line.

Log on to from your phone, tablet or computer.

State leaders say it’s a good idea to look over the frequently asked questions. Once you do that, go to the “I want to” tab, and click on the “file for benefits” option.

“From 20 minutes for people who fill out a lot of online forms who are pretty quick at working their way through it, to 40 minutes for people who take a little longer with technology, but my hope is it is a pretty quick and understandable process for them,” Indiana Chief of Staff, Dept. of Workforce Development Josh Richardson said.

You will need:

  • An Indiana driver’s license or ID card.
  • Your social security number.
  • Other identifying information such as your date of birth and phone number.

Then, you will need information about your employment.

“Probably some informaton about their most recent employer, especially if it has been short term because that wouldn’t have made it into our system yet," Richardson said. "Besides that, most of the things they’re being asked to answer will be things they’ll know off the top of their head.”

Richardson also let us know the governor instructed them to expand some eligibility rules in three ways so that they’ll be able to help more Hoosiers, including:

  • Covering people choosing not to work because they have symptoms.
  • Covering people who can’t work because they have to care for a dependent, like a child.
  • The state temporarily took away the requirement that you need to be actively job searching to qualify.

“And after that, the person will report to us weekly as long as the situation remains,” Richardson said.

The question a lot of people are wanting to know is, how much money could I qualify for? We’re learning there’s an equation that involves your earnings.

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