EPD says family dispute calls have risen

EPD says family dispute calls have risen

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) -The Evansville Police Department is making runs every day to keep our community safe, but lately, their number of runs has increased, something they didn’t see coming.

“We kind of thought that maybe our calls for service and our amount of crime that we actually respond to would maybe drop during this time," Captain Andy Chandler said. "Historically, across the country, when there has been other natural disasters that tends to happen.”

Captain Chandler tells 14 News in the past few weeks calls about family disputes have specifically increased.

“People are already frazzled, they want to get back to a normal lifestyle," Chandler said. “We, as the EPD, don’t want to add to their angst with enforcement.”

Captain Chandler says not all of their runs have resulted in arrests, some call for officers to help calm down the situation. But why is this happening? Our team FaceTimed a crisis intervention specialist to find out.

”The financial struggle on top of being confined to their home, some people have lost their jobs or concerned that they might lose their employment soon," Becky Sawyer said. “We know and recognize in our field that that is a huge contribution, a huge contributing factor to violence and the escalation of violence in relationships."

What can you do, if you find yourself home and uncomfortable?

“Developing a code word that they can use with friends or trusted family members, and asking those family and friends to possibly check in on them a couple times a day,” Sawyer said.

Albion who helps victims of domestic violence wants to remind everyone that their services are still here to help you, all you have to do is reach out.

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