Deaconess Gateway opens new diagnostic center for COVID-19 testing

Deaconess Gateway opens new diagnostic center for COVID-19 testing

NEWBURGH, Ind. (WFIE) - Deaconess Gateway Hospital opened its respiratory diagnostic center outside the hospital’s emergency room on Wednesday.

Deaconess administrators say they knew how important the facility was for the hospital’s efforts to combat against COVID-19, so the new medical facility was constructed in only three days.

Administrators told 14 News that if people arrive at the emergency room with a respiratory issue, the incoming patients will be taken to the new diagnostic center so medical staff can test them for strep throat, the flu, and even swab patients for COVID-19.

The idea is to keep those with respiratory issues away from the other patients at the hospital.

“Well, that was definitely why we went ahead and initiated this structure and this sort of environment," Dr. Gina Huhnke said. "Because, number one, we want it to segregate our respiratory illness patients, and number two, should we have a large influx of patients, we will be able to manage that volume much more quickly.”

Dr. Huhnke says that patients should still call the nurse triage line first if they believe they have been infected or exposed to COVID-19.

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