Indiana stay-at-home order impacts local hair salons

Indiana stay-at-home order impacts local hair salons

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Indiana’s stay-at-home order is set to start Tuesday night at 11:49 ET.

It is expected to last at least two weeks, from March 25 until April 7, and for thousands of Hoosiers, it means no work.

The order will impact several nonessential businesses, including hair salons.

On Tuesday, we found a salon that stayed open as long as they could.

Inside Allure Salon, cosmetologists were trying to fit in as many customers as possible.

“Our phones went crazy," said Courtney Mills, a cosmetologist at Allure Salon. "Clients are like, ‘What’s going on? When can we come in? When is your last day? How long as it going to be?'”

It is only one of many nonessential businesses across Indiana impacted by the governor’s stay-at-home order.

“We are very, very blessed with wonderful understanding owners, and we will not be having to pay our rental during the shutdown," Mills told us.

However, the near future seems nerve-wracking for many.

“Most of us being self-employed employees, getting unemployment can be a really big deal," Mills said.

We reached out to Indiana’s Department of Workforce Development. Leaders say unemployment claims have sharply gone up.

“Two weeks ago, before this all started, we had about 2,400 claims filed in a week," said Josh Richardson, chief of staff with Indiana Department of Workforce Development. "Those were times when our unemployment was rate was at 3.1 percent. Certainly, we know that today that number is up and claims are up dramatically.”

He says Governor Holcomb plans to release those official numbers later this week.

We’re also learning the governor has instructed the department to expand some of the eligibility rules to cover as many people as possible.

“The third one, I guess I should add, is normally people are required to make an active search for work each week while they’re unemployed that has also been temporarily suspended," Richardson said.

The state is still looking into helping those who are self-employed, like Mills, and those not necessarily eligible for unemployment.

“Support the local businesses while you can during the shutdown and when this is all said and done, continue to keep local and support the US economy and hopefully get it built back as quickly as possible," Mill said.

If you need to file for unemployment, you can go to Indiana’s unemployment website.

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