Deaconess offering immediate respiratory services at downtown clinic

Deaconess offering immediate respiratory services at downtown clinic

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Deaconess is expanding its COVID-19 testing operations, adding a new immediate respiratory clinic at Deaconess Downtown Clinic.

Primary Care Physician Dr. Brad Scheu says the new services work by having a patient first call their nurse triage line.

Then, he says they’ll refer you to set up an online appointment. Deaconess officials say anyone can make an online appointment, though.

Once you do that, you’ll come in and be screened at check-in. If you are a candidate for COVID-19 testing, Dr. Scheu says you’ll be tested. He says they can also test for other things like the flu.

“The downtown location is a really good central location really easy to get into," Dr. Scheu said. "It has the radiology already here, so if x-ray is needed, that was going to be an easy process for us to make available for patients. Then, it also has a location that is easy for us to perform the COVID-19 testing. Which is being performed outdoors, but it is connected to that office location where we’re doing this clinic.”

Deaconess officials say the service started on Saturday. They say many patients have been seen and tested for COVID-19.

He says if a patient does test positive for COVID-19, they have to call the patient and tell them. They say they’re also required to notify the local county health department where the patient resides.

If you would like more information on this service and other services, you can go to Deaoncess’s coronavirus website.

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