Western Kentucky non-essential business prepare for indefinite closure

Western Kentucky non-essential business prepare for indefinite closure

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear has taken another step to stop COVID-19.

During a briefing on Sunday, he mandated the closure of all non-essential businesses by 7 p.m. Central Monday.

We spoke with some of those businesses about how this may affect them.

“I was expecting it," said Natasha Stanley, owner of Bella Ragazza Boutique. “I kind of knew it was a matter of time before it would be mandatory to put that in place."

Stanley says the governor’s order came by no surprise.

“We have definitely not been seeing the traffic in the store anyway," she said. "We are encouraging people to stay home.”

Stanley says it’s scary to close up shop.

“We’re all worried about each other, we’re all worried about ourselves, our employees, our families, everything at this time," Stanley told us.

Over at Don Moore Automotive, they're experiencing some of the same concerns.

“Obviously it’s scary," said John Moore, owner of Don Moore Automotive. “It’s scary for a lot of our people. It happened quick, and we understand, I mean this is an unprecedented situation."

The owner says the dealership will be closing its sales departments. However, he says the service departments will remain open.

“You know, there’s doctors, nurses, people helping those that are sick that frankly is a lot more important to us right now than us having to close business for a little bit," Moore said.

Both businesses will be offering alternatives throughout the closure period.

“We are trying to do the best that we can, and we’re really going out on a limb to make this the best customer service for you guys, so we can stay afloat at such a hard time," Moore said.

[Kentucky’s Coronavirus Website]

Bella Regaza is offering free shipping and same-day delivery on its website.

Don Moore is offering online car shopping as well as home delivery on their website.

In neighbor Henderson County, Tree n Trends is also impacted. Store manager Joey Hubbard says salary managers will continue to work such as cleaning or receiving shipments, but all hourly employees were temporarily laid off.

“Hopefully they will be able to get their unemployment without too much trouble,” Hubbard explained.

Although some businesses are offering alternatives for customers throughout the closure until they can return to normal, the big question remains: when?

“It’s just a waiting game at this point until we hear from the Governor’s office and what they decide. Hopefully, the number of cases goes down or stops going up, or whatever number they’re looking for,” Hubbard added.

Gov. Beshear announced Monday, a new way for people to make a donation to those impacted financially by COVID-19. It’s called Team Kentucky Fund, if you’re able to help and would like to, visit their website.

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